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How can I get a Chia Jerry Garcia?

Chia Pet head sold back in the day.

I don’t know, man, but I found a Chia Bart Simpson head back around Christmas. Went over real well at the “secret santa” gift exchange that year!

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I purchased a Jerry Garcia Chia Pet from High Times Magazine back in 1998 or 1997 .. Maybe earlier. Anyway, I have the full head ti-dy shirt glasses and pack of seeds. Everything. Never used just opened to make sure everything was there. If you would be interested contact me at 401-487-7861. That is my cell. I live in RI. It is awesome. As soon as I had bought it a good friend of mine offered me 100 bucks. He followed the band all over that was back in the day. I am not going to do anything with it and I would love someone to be able to grow his hair and beard. Contact me if you would like. Laurie

I got one.. But dont really have a value on it . I really love it…but have been thinking of selling it…i traded a half zip of sum sticky icky for it back in the day….has original box…perfect condition.

Dustin, would you be willing tho sell it?

I am very interested in purchasing one of these. My son is a dedicated Dead Head. If you still have it and want to sell it, please contact me at 505-892-6421.


I’m looking to purchase a Jerry Garcia chia pet.
I need it as a special gift. Can someone help and hook me up?

Can someone hook me up with a Jerry Garcia chia?
I need it for a special gift. Have $$

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